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How editing captured the excitement of an AFL grand final

You may think it is an easy task to create a DVD and Blu-ray for an AFL Grand final but there a few things you may not be considering. Firstly, when watching an AFL Grand final live, much of the excitement comes from the anticipation of not knowing the outcome. Secondly, if you’re creating a disc that one eyed supporters are going to buy, then it needs to be edited and delivered in a way that sees the game through their eyes. Thirdly, when you see an AFL Grand final live, you are more forgiving of mistakes that may occur in the camera work or transmission. In a DVD or Blu-ray that you are willing to spend your hard earned money on and intend to watch over and over again, you are less so. Why would anyone buy a video of the AFL Grand Final? The challenge in editing a DVD for commercial release on the AFL Grand Final is to create an entirely new experience, one that is different to what viewers might see if they just recorded the game. One that has value in it’s own right. This is part of what we do at Promo Scape and the results speak for themselves, with the AFL Grand Final videos being the best selling sports DVD’s in Australia. Can’t anyone edit? If you believed everything you read online, anyone with free video editing software could make video shot on their iPhone look like a Spielberg or Tarantino. Obviously this is not the case. What is true though is the role that editing plays in creating great stories. Whether it is the excitement of an AFL Grand Final or the launch party of a new product or service, the principles are the same. It’s all about creating a compelling story, engaging with people, eliciting an emotional reaction and generating excitement. If you have the raw footage and you’re looking for a way into something that with get peoples attention. If you’re looking for someone to help to tell a story, give Promoscape a call.

AFL Grand Final 2016
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