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Meet the new owners of Remote Digital

We are delighted to announce that Damian Kuczynski and James Brown are the new co-owners of Remote Digital Pty Ltd.

Who we are:

Damian has a wealth of experience and a unique skillset earned from 20 years involvement across film production, post-production, graphic design, disc authoring, digital encoding, packaging and editing content for physical and digital distribution, streaming and broadcast. He has previously managed several DVD and post-production companies, working with clients such as Madman Entertainment, Umbrella Entertainment and SBS Television, as well as providing post-production services to film and TV productions big and small. When Damian isn’t bent over a computer monitor, he enjoys spending time in his workshop making bespoke furniture and art. An avid sci-fi buff he is always dreaming of visiting other planets.

James is a project and studio coordinator with 13 years experience guiding and supporting talented creative and technical teams within film distribution, film festival management, screen development, and arts sector advisory and research. For most of the last decade he has liaised with international sales agents and independent film producers to oversee the content mastering, packaging and delivery of several hundred feature film releases on DVD, blu-ray and digital platforms in Australia and New Zealand for Madman Entertainment and on behalf of Palace Films, Transmission Films, Sharmill Films, Potential Films, and others. When not working or raising his young family, James is a passionate film buff, cardboard gamer, space exploration enthusiast and aging soccer player.

What we do:

Remote Digital is an authoring studio and iTunes-approved encoding house geared to assist across the full spectrum of theatrical, physical media, digital, and ancillary delivery. We are proud to continue our partnership with some of the region’s most remarkable and successful independent content producers and distributors. Our extensive range of services include:

  • DCP mastering and re-mastering

  • iTunes-approved encoding, packaging and delivery (from SD to 4K HDR)

  • DVD and blu-ray authoring (including 4K UHD)

  • Closed caption and subtitle creation and management (including translation)

  • Ancillary and broadcast transcoding and delivery

  • LTO and tape capture and transfer

  • Archiving and facilitation of cloud storage

  • Video production and editing (including VR)

The new owners would love to hear about you and your project requirements. We are receptive, transparent and ready to deliver your quality content to spec. Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can assist.


James & Damian

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