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It was such a nice surprise to find Collaborations: The Cinema of Zhang Yimou and Gong Li, the Blu-ray collection we authored, claim the position of #1 boxset in DVD Beaver's rundown of 2021's best releases.

Obviously a lot of work went into the release, not just from us but from the small army of collaborators who must come together for a short time to bring a significant release like this to fruition: the team at Via Vision, the content providers, the graphic designers, the supplementary feature contributors both on screen and behind the scenes, the subtitlers who checked every line of dialogue and offered new translations to enhance the substance and comprehension of the films for non-Mandarin speaking audiences, the AV testers, and let's not forget the packaging manufacturers and disc replicators who continue to underpin and support our industry despite enduring more than a decade of decline in physical media sales. And of course it would all be for nought without the freight providers, wholesalers and retailers who get the final product into the hands of customers.

Finally, thanks to the voters who've celebrated this release and to the fans who've enjoyed it. We do try to read all your reviews, forum posts and social media comments and appreciate all that you have contributed. It's so great to hear that many of you have discovered these works for the first time through this collection. Hopefully we can play our part to share more like it with you again in the not too distant future.

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