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Learn what you need from video post production facility

There was a time when the cost of video post production equipment was so expensive that it was necessary for facilities to provide plush editing suites and even their own cafes, to help soften the blow of high post production costs. Facilities were also full of specialists, such as sound engineers, telecine operators, sound editors, video editors and many others. Like most businesses sectors, technological innovations have turned the post production industry on its head. Now it seems impossible to distinguish between a home based editor and a high end and high priced post production facility. With so much noise coming from either end of the spectrum it has been easy to miss the quiet revolution that has taken place at the centre, with companies like Remote Digital. Remote Digital has always been ahead of the curve, in adoption of the latest technology and understanding the current and future needs of those who require video editing and authoring. Remote Digital has also avoided the temptation to lower standards as many others in the industry have by trying to use consumer grade technology to produce broadcast quality video. Remote Digital understands the difference between ‘toys’ and ‘tools’ and has maintained world’s best practice video post production standards, while many of their contemporaries’ have faltered and fallen. Comfortable, not plush editing facilities. Editing facilities should be comfortable as editing sessions for large projects can take days, weeks and in some cases months. Sumptuous surroundings add nothing to the quality of a production. Neither does a prestige address. Remote Digital realised that location was less important to clients than keeping the quality of a production high and costs low, so they moved to a comfortable location, with onsite parking and café. Lower overheads have allowed Remote Digital to reduce the cost of doing business and this is reflected in their pricing. Only the very best technology to deliver measurable benefits. Technology is only beneficial if it delivers measurable benefits. Decades of real work post production experience has allowed Remote Digital to identify and acquire the very best post production, DVD, Blu-ray authoring, digital cinema, restoration and encoding technology. Remote Digital’s state of the art facilities are extensive enough to accommodate even the most ambitious of projects and Remote Digital’s team possess the experience and passion to turn visions into realities. Not too small. Not too big. Just right. Post production and authoring clients are torn between the cheapest bid and working in the most prestigious facilities. The pragmatist seeks a third alternative. An alternative that delivers the best of both worlds; professional post production in a comfortable surrounding, at a reasonable price. Remote Digital is not too small, not too big. In almost every instance you will find Remote Digital’s facilities are ‘just right.’

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