Remote Digital is an approved iTunes Encoding House, specially selected to support you in delivering your movies to iTunes.

Using our in-house facilities and technology we ingest, encode, package and deliver film content to meet the exacting standards of all physical and digital distribution formats.

An iTunes Encoding House provides the technical services required to validate and quality assure your movie for submission to iTunes. We are approved to deliver directly to Apple.

All content submitted to the iTunes Store must meet the iTunes content guidelines. Both the nature of the content and the quality of the assets will be used to determine the suitability of the content for distribution on the iTunes Store. Any content which fails to meet the guidelines will be rejected by Remote Digital and/or iTunes.


iTunes Content Guidelines
Check your content meets the below guidelines before submitting to Remote Digital

Film Content

  • iTunes accepts feature-length motion pictures, documentaries and short films. All must be of theatrical or Blu-ray quality.

  • iTunes does not accept adult movies, how-to videos, user-generated content, or other video types not considered to be motion pictures or documentaries.

  • All slates must be removed (OFLC, MPAA, etc).

  • All content must be free of any watermarks, URLs or similar identifying marks or logos.

Audio Content

  • Any music or clips used in your video for which you do not have the rights must be properly cleared before submitting your content via Remote Digital.

Previews / Trailers

  • Previews / trailers must be suitable for all audiences, and not include nudity, extreme violence or strong language.

  • Previews / trailers must have no dating reference (e.g. Released Summer 2017) and not include logos which reference specific distribution formats (e.g. iTunes, Blu-ray).

  • Previews / trailers should be 1-5 minutes in length.

  • All film content requirements also apply to previews / trailers.

Poster Artwork

  • Poster artwork must have no dating reference (e.g. Released Summer 2017) and not include logos which reference specific distribution formats (e.g. iTunes, Blu-ray).

  • No ratings, billing information or similar details must be included on the poster artwork.

  • Poster artwork must be localized for distribution in foreign territories.

Subtitles and Captions

  • All content intended for sale on the US iTunes Store must include closed captions.

  • Subtitles or dubbed audio must be included for distribution in foreign territories where the original audio does not reflect the native language of the territory.

  • All subtitles and captions must be accurately synced to the video file and properly positioned on screen ensuring no on screen text is obscured.

For more information, take a look at the iTunes technical requirements.
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